What a Buzz, Nannup Flower and Garden Festival 2017

My Nannup Tulips are just dropping their leaves and I've finally put away the frocks from the Nannup Flower and Garden Festival 2017.  

What a glorious adventure Nannup offers during the winter and wasn't it wet!!!   One year I must get my WellEase range out - WellEase When it's Wet.

What makes a community event successful?  And how can you help the event establish itself as an enterprise that is financially viable and supports the lives of its volunteers and staff?   That question is worth gold these days.   

Nannup, like many regional events are reliant upon funding from local and state government. Their creative capacity to create cashflow and ween themselves off the funding nipple is not an easy exercise and requires a willingness to take a risk!! It's a constant topic of conversations.

There are great examples of how events are working to build the capacity of local regional communities and the Nannup Flower and Garden Festival and Nannup Music Festival are a case in point.  Each promote the other, resources have the potential to be shared along with the combined use of paid staff enabling access to broader skill sets and administration systems.  It's a win win. Couple this with a regional connection and a focus on building relationships with local artists and community members, these events embed themselves into the cultural of a location and play a critical role in local economic and social development.

The Nannup Flower and Garden Festival 2017 2 was themed as LIVING GARDENS SANCTUARIES
“Saving the Planet One Bee at a Time”.

Photo courtesy Cyril Head

This year Debra Elvin was the artist who worked with Gertrude to create her costume as a blue banded endemic bee to the South West of Western Australia.   It should be noted that the blue banded bee isn't quite as portly as our Gertrude is showing however the message is the same. Endemic species are at threat and greater education is possible in relation to the local species that inhabit Noongar Country.  There is create scope for Creativintrepids in the education and arts sectors.  So exciting!!

The Nannup Flower and Garden Festival and Nannup Music Festival continue to explore a variety of themes in relation to sustainable living, capacity building and supporting the natural and cultural environment of the South West of Western Australia.  Through its branding as the Garden Village, this South West town continues to present fantastic events with relevant and inspired speakers from around the Country.

For more information go to http://www.nannupgardens.org.au and http://nannupmusicfestival.org