Online Kisses

Thursday, 2 May 2013 12:06  I came into the office all tired and worn out and then I was greeted by an online kiss from Gertrude. To laugh first thing on this grey day was a great thing. Thank you Gertrude.

How often do we go that little extra to send a dart of hope into the arms of others.   I suppose it's a bit like a review on your website and facebook page, which you are more than welcome to do if you feel inclined!!

As fast paced species, slowing down long enough to grab the pencil batton from the bureau can be quite complex these days.  Then having to find a card to write on - well if that doesn't stop you dead in your tracks, it'll be the posting it and the outrageous price stamps will be the final nail!!

Yes, posting online has a similar sort of sense of joy and is certainly an instant hit. 
I advocate for love letters through the mail and online kisses sowing seeds of hope.  Blow me one!




Sometimes, when life gets too complicated, overwhelming and conflicted, the little things matter. 

If you have a tired and worn out feeling and need to be greeted by an online kiss from Gertrude, why not drop me a line and Ask Gert.