Lighting Up

Our community - as it seems our world - is in a cycle of generational shift. 

Whilst it comes as a shock to hear of friends passing over, community tension and all the worldly worries of finance and the future of our environment, I am reminded that there is great light and hope on the horizon.   

Our challenge as I see it, is to allow death to be present as part of our lives and trust that the future holds hope. 

A friend is celebrating her impending death with living rituals amongst friends.  Her inspiration in welcoming the end of life is refreshing.  Sharing with friends her achievements, connections and stories and being able to hear the impact she has had on people's lives.

It's time to welcome the darkness, the endings, the new beginnings and all the creative energy and possibility that comes with this.

At a regional community level, it is time to allow new leaders with ideas that have yet to become reality; take the chair. They will learn from the past however the future they create will not be the same as the generations before them.

It's time to step aside, to surrender, to recognise what we all know is really happening but are too afraid of the darkness to admit. 

It's time to get with the program for the window of opportunity will be open for only  brief moment. 

Happy winter solstice Southern hemisphere.