What a Buzz, Nannup Flower and Garden Festival 2017

What a Buzz, Nannup Flower and Garden Festival 2017

Regional Community Events typify the resilience of local communities.  

The Nannup Flower and Garden Festival 2017 2 was themed as LIVING GARDENS SANCTUARIES
“Saving the Planet One Bee at a Time”.

This year Debra Elvin was the artist who worked with Gertrude to create her costume as a blue banded endemic bee to the South West of Western Australia.   It should be noted that the blue banded bee isn't quite as portly as our Gertrude is showing however the message is the same.  Endemic species are at threat and greater education is possible in relation to the local species that inhabit Noongar Country.

The Nannup Flower and Garden Festival continues to explore a variety of themes in relation to sustainable living and supporting the natural and cultural environment of the South West of Western Australia.  Through its branding as the Garden Village, this South West town continues to present fantastic events with relevant and inspired speakers from around the Country.

In 2017, 

Online Kisses

Thursday, 2 May 2013 12:06  I came into the office all tired and worn out and then I was greeted by an online kiss from Gertrude. To laugh first thing on this grey day was a great thing. Thank you Gertrude.

How often do we go that little extra to send a dart of hope into the arms of others.   I suppose it's a bit like a review on your website and facebook page, which you are more than welcome to do if you feel inclined!!  https://www.facebook.com/gertrudewellease/

As fast paced species, slowing down long enough to grab the pencil batton from the bureau can be quite complex these days.  Then having to find a card to write on - well if that doesn't stop you dead in your tracks, it'll be the posting it and the outrageous price stamps will be the final nail!!

Yes, posting online has a similar sort of sense of joy and is certainly an instant hit. 
I advocate for love letters through the mail and online kisses sowing seeds of hope.  Blow me one!




Sometimes, when life gets too complicated, overwhelming and conflicted, the little things matter. 

If you have a tired and worn out feeling and need to be greeted by an online kiss from Gertrude, why not drop me a line and Ask Gert.

Dunsborough Yallingup CCI and Busselton CCI sundowner BA5 is an initiative of the Ramada Resort (formerly the Wyndham Resort).

Dunsborough Yallingup CCI and Busselton CCI sundowner BA5 is an initiative of the Ramada Resort (formerly the Wyndham Resort).

Gertrude WellEase - Chamber of Blessings.com - at the Dunsborough Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Busselton Chamber of Commerce Industry Business after hours function.

The Tree Top Walk & Valley of the Giants 18th Birthday

Valley of the giants birthday celebrations

The Tree Top Walk and Valley of the Giants celebrated their 18th birthday onsite.  The Chamber of Blessings were invited to MC the opening and Gertrude roved as Grandma Tingle with her young friend Sprout.  Using costume, movement and bubbles representing seeds of hope, we entertained adults and children by telling the story of the Tingle forest and how it survives in such a restricted part of the South Coast of WA.


ABC Exhumed Competition

The ABC radio held its Exhumed Competition in 2014.  Aimed at the never-has-been performers, this national competition was held within the Great Southern with Gertrude and the Dead Aunts reaching the finals.  

As a comedic performance, Gertrude played original songs and ended with a crowd winning improvised tune dedicated to the Great Southern ABC team.

The Original Gertrude

There have been many Gertrudes in my mothers family line. Here is Gertrude Joan the self confessed "original Gertrude" at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's (ABC) Exhumed Competition at the Albany Entertainment Centre

Exhumee's on Stage

The ABC Exhumed series ran nationally and we were fortunate to be accepted into the finals. 

Nannup Flower and Garden Festival


Nannup in the southwest of Western Australia, has recognised the village aspect of its character.  Tulips were planted throughout the mainstreet many years and now become a key feature of the annual Flower and Garden Festival.

This roving street performance encouraged people to connect with each other by pressing their TwoLips together.    Involving directional wayfinding for event participants and promoting specific events for organisers, Gertrude also invited people to see the beauty in the person closest to them.  

Nannup Flower & Garden Festival

Nannup Music Festival

The Nannup Music Festival is famous for its intimate settings, muscial styles and inspiring performers.   Gertrude WellEase and the Chamber of Blessings have been roving this Festival for a few years as well as offering their Speed Dating Songwriting and Ukekele playing workshops. 

Gertrude Wellease at the Nannup Music Festival

It was hot.  Really damn hot.  Yet these brave festival goers entered the tent sauna and created their own song in less than thirty minutes.  Ukelele players who had never before picked up the instrument, created solid backing to anotherwise entertaining sound.   Thanks to all those involved. 

Denmark Festival of Voice

Gertrude Wellease at the Denmark Festival of Voice

The Denmark Festival of Voice is an intimate, community driven Festival celebrating the power of the Voice.  

The Festival has a special focus on community singing, and each year brings together an inspiring lineup of local, national and international artists in a cappella and accompanied ensemble, group and individual performances. I

Coordinated by Denmark Arts, it is held every June long weekend in the beautiful south coastal town of Denmark, Western Australia. A project of Denmark Arts, the Festival is a celebration of the human voice.

Denmark Arts Markets

The Denmark Arts Markets have been running for the past thirty years and I have been contracted to MC the markets, providing sponsorship acknowledgement, welcome to country, official opening, guest introductions and improvised time fillers when required.   

This day long (9-5pm) gig also enables roving amongst stall holders and engaging visitors.  

Easter Bonnet 2015   The Easter Denmark Arts Market, Denmark Western Australia.   The Bonnet Basket Hat - structurally unsound!

Easter Bonnet 2015

The Easter Denmark Arts Market, Denmark Western Australia. 

The Bonnet Basket Hat - structurally unsound!

Gert By Sea 2015   The Australia Day Markets, Denmark, Western Australia.

Gert By Sea 2015

The Australia Day Markets, Denmark, Western Australia.

Response Ability

2016.  How are you responding so far?

I've heard words like fresh, clarity, surrender, the void, peace, stealth, effectiveness.

With so many balls in the air for most , the prospect of falling into the void feels quite real and close at the moment. So why not just fall into the peace and natural flow of events?  What would happen?  

At Aeracura, it would mean co-existence with spiders, weeds, unpicked plums, unmopped floors and clothes waiting their natural cycle of life!  Not to mention a wardrobe that needs organizing and hats demanding attention!!

It would also mean acceptance and surrender to both the reality of my life ( a fabulous adventure; filled with all the above plus colour, song, love and creativity) and the possible failure to meet my expectations and time-frame.

Bin the Old Bag Song.

What about the people who rely on you today. You’ll let them down, they may not cope, wont invite you back to stay. Your job, your mates, community, the planet needs you NOW. It’s your responsibility but don’t ask me how.

Who do you think you are to consider slowing down, taking respite from the world, my god you are a clown, it’s your responsibility, succeed in all you do, for then your friends, family will always look up to you.

Keep going, keep going, don’t pause to take a breath, inspire, aspire until it’s time for death.

Keep going, keep going, don’t pause to take a breath, inspire, aspire until it’s time for bed.
— Gertrude WellEase Coyright 2016

This old bags mantra is repetitive and takes years to break down.   

  So why not join me at the Denmark Arts Market and together we can bin the bag and maybe knit something new for 2016.

Blessings.  Gert. 




Embracing the Weeds and Ferals

It's spring in Denmark WA and my garden is a mix of natives and weeds, full of green and gold with a hint of bluebell and native Hardenbergia comptoniana.   

We are emerging from winter into spring in the Southern Hemphishere and the concept of emergence and endemic have swirled through my conversations today.  

What makes us indigenous or endemic to a place?  What makes us local?

 If I were a plant, would I be classified as a weed, due to my migrant status from England?

Does there come a point when we embrace the introduced, the feral weeds amongst us, within us and accept them as part of the diversity of our lives, environment, culture and community?

Gertrude WellEase maintains that a weed is simply a plant out of place.  So can I be connected to Australia in my own weedy way through my indigenous celtic origins? 

This is a slippery slide. With one small word out of context or place, I'm lost in a world of language, culture, ownership and politics that leaves me terrified of expressing my confusion for fear of saying the wrong thing.   

However, this spring, I can feel myself emerging from the duality of the labels and roles I have created (performer,  community development professional, pommy migrant, mother, and Australian citizen) into one merged version of all these experiences along with the courage to say what I experience.  

So today, I bring some space, compass-ion and willingness to embrace, express and work with my emerging indigenousness (is that a word) for the growth of myself, my community, my country which is Denmark Western Australia. 

It will take courage, time and a willingness to listen to all the voices that inform who and what I have been and will be, have contributed and will contribute. 

So watch this space.  My celtic australian persona is emerging this spring and I'm amazed at who she is.  

Thanks to the  Nannup Music Festival for supporting my journey and the journey of many emerging indigenous and endemic artists of Australia. 

Why not send me a comment on what makes you a local?

Liz Jack / Gertrude WellEase / Demelza




Lighting Up

Our community - as it seems our world - is in a cycle of generational shift. 

Whilst it comes as a shock to hear of friends passing over, community tension and all the worldly worries of finance and the future of our environment, I am reminded that there is great light and hope on the horizon.   

Our challenge as I see it, is to allow death to be present as part of our lives and trust that the future holds hope. 

A friend is celebrating her impending death with living rituals amongst friends.  Her inspiration in welcoming the end of life is refreshing.  Sharing with friends her achievements, connections and stories and being able to hear the impact she has had on people's lives.

It's time to welcome the darkness, the endings, the new beginnings and all the creative energy and possibility that comes with this.

At a regional community level, it is time to allow new leaders with ideas that have yet to become reality; take the chair. They will learn from the past however the future they create will not be the same as the generations before them.

It's time to step aside, to surrender, to recognise what we all know is really happening but are too afraid of the darkness to admit. 

It's time to get with the program for the window of opportunity will be open for only  brief moment. 

Happy winter solstice Southern hemisphere.

Authentic Success and Worldly Success

Sarah Ban Breathnach in her fabulous book Simple Abundance, says Authentic Success is not just money in the bank but a contented heart and peace of mind.

It's earning what you feel you deserve for the work you do and knowing that you're worth it.

What about those times when, in trying so hard to demonstrate that we can do the work, we loose sight of the value and impact of the work?

There isn't the space or time to reflect on the abundance we are creating, particularly when this succes is not realised in 'worldly success', money in the bank or some other form of tangible outcome. 

Today, reflect on the abundance that you create and share it with us.