If I had a world of my own, business would be colourful and engaging, spreading hope through the world one smile at a time. 


The Chamber of Blessings merges Liz Jack’s professional body of work across regional community and small business development with her passion for character development, engagement and improvised performance.


Over the last 25 years, Liz Jack has worked within regional communities and small business throughout Australia providing marketing, strategic planning and workshop facilitation through her business Centre of Sustainable Tourism.

Liz established The Centre of Sustainable Tourism in 2001 to provide regionally relevant support to the small business sector and regional communities. She has worked on Kangaroo Island monitoring the impact of tourism through the Tourism Optimization Management Model, presented at international Eco-tourism conferences and more recently has been CEO of the Denmark Chamber of Commerce.

Liz has experience working in state government, the not for profit and private sector. Known for strategic creativity, engagement and leadership, Liz provides marketing, strategy development and community engagement services for small business, communities and local government.

The Chamber of Blessings was established in 2014, as a vehicle for her performance character Gertrude WellEase. Gertrude’s mission is to sow seeds of hope, one smile at a time and she is available for a wide-range of services.

Liz’s work is informed by her interest in the development and management of sustainable communities and has a particular interest in the role performance arts can play in the activation of community spaces and supporting individual well being and connection.

She recently has established a popup community wardrobe in the main street of Denmark, WA as a project to monitor the impact of play on health and well being among various sectors of community.


Denmark WA

Denmark WA




Nic Duncan

I first met Nic as part of Gertrude’s emerging performance in Brave New Works 2010, as part of On Ya Trolley, by Valeska Wood.

Nic’s ability to capture the fleeting moments of emotion and excitement I felt during this performance was exceptional and since then, she has taken many photographs of Gertrude over the years.

A portrait photographer, she was 2015 AIPP WA Professional Portrait Photographer of the Year, a finalist in the 2017 National Photographic Portrait Prize, and a finalist in the last three Fremantle International Portrait Prize.

Contact her at https://www.nicduncan.com

Image courtesy of http://annettecarmichael.com.au

Image courtesy of http://annettecarmichael.com.au



Annette Carmichael

Annette specialises in large scale community arts productions that unite a diverse mix of people through their shared experience of dance, sound, movement and performance.

She assisted in the creation of the script in Becoming Gertrude and continues to be an artistic mentor to Liz. Annette is a strong advocate for community arts and believes that we all have a body of work, that propels us forward as a result of our creativity and the relentless desire to put imagination into form.

Annette won the 2011 West Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Community/Regional Dance. In 2012 Annette was short-listed for an Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Youth or Community Dance for Future Landings.

She can be contacted here http://annettecarmichael.com.au

John Davey

John combines technology, a tip-shop trolley, sand, cardboard, hot glue, and toy servos to produce a push along printer that writes poetry in large sandy letters.

His sand script for the Becoming Gertrude show was a total surprise and gift for Gertrude, as she undertook her first major solo performance.

John, the artist and inventor, loves the non-permanent nature of the work, along with the quirky juxtaposition of ancient sand and the digital dot matrix text. Along with Gertrude, their creations are ephemeral and last for as long as nature intends.

Contact John at uly875@gmail.com.

Andre Steyl

One of the original 'bloody hippies' and co-founder of Denmark Arts.

Andre collaborated with Gertrude in the show Beyond Gertrude, as part of the Brave New Works Festival #25 coordinated by Denmark Arts and Peter Keelan.

As part of the installation, Andre showcased a series of four scraper board posters with the story of Harold, his alter ego.

Carolena Grayson

Carolena Grayson's message is empowerment through embodiment. She is a singing, dancing, tumbling, fire-breathing, musical, archetypal clown with a serious eco-activist heart…

Together we have activated many spaces with Fitness Freaks, Bogan Bingo (strictly 18+), Scary Halloween Disco, Denmark Arts Market, Australia Day Albany and most importantly, the production of my solo show ‘Becoming Gertrude’.

As director and movement coach, Lena helped me connect with my body and movement, provided stage and theatrical input and coordinated the technical components of both the Becoming Gertrude and Beyond Gertrude shows.

Her professional practice involves teaching, choreographic & improvised performance, somatic education and embodiment coaching. 

According to Lena, her adventures in life are always towards pursuing knowledge, skills and experiences that satisfy her need to consistently grow her ‘body of knowledge’.  Life as Art and Art as life.